Control your web pages and manage your internet presence with our web content filtering service

Web content filtering allows users to browse with protection and enforce corporate usage policies that help with the internet experience. It basically allows you to be in control of your web presence. Our web content filtering service will provide you with everything that you need to manage your internet presence.

Our experts can work with your IT department or manage the system separately. We aim to work according to the requirements of our clients.

Through our service, you can access and manage flexible and scalable policies which allow you to filter web content categorically. You will be provided with an unlimited number of block or allow lists where you can control access to your web pages. The policies that we assign our users involve different restriction and access settings.

You can choose customized block pages which will allow you to restrict access to your web content. While you can also opt for features which allows only certain approved people to visit your web page. We can provide you with whichever policy that is suitable for your working.

There are number of benefits to our web content filtering service, such as:

  • Categorically filtering content
  • Compliance support
  • Easy management
  • Separate lists
  • Special Approval policy

Our service facilitates a huge number of domains and web pages which can make it easier for you to categorize and filter accordingly. We offer a program that is user friendly and accessible via cloud. You can activate it immediately and set up different policies for your web pages.

We provide compliance support which enables the program to be customized according to each specific network. You can also filter content by blacklisting or whitelisting it. This means that anything that you want to block has to be blacklisted. Where else, the white list will provide users with particular access.

The special approval policy will enable you to allow certain people to bypass filtering and access content. With our service, you will not be disappointed.

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