Strengthen your network security and provide your people with safe Wi-Fi access through our service

Secure web gateway and Wi-Fi access are closely connected to each other. Gateway protection enables you to protect web content and your privacy without relying on a URL blocklist. Wi-Fi access control also helps protect your system while also providing guests network with safe access. We offer you a service that can secure your gateway and control Wi-Fi access for you efficiently.

With the internet providing easy access to everyone everywhere, it becomes your responsibility to protect your users from harmful content. Well, it is no longer your job to do so. We can protect you and everyone connected to your network from inappropriate content and malware effectively.

Web Gateway Protection

Our gateway protection program actively monitors and filters content, controls social media visibility and optimizes bandwidth. You can also manage what other people connected through your network can see and control it accordingly.

We provide our clients with a number of options as well. Our gateway protection is not only for data protection but has other features too. Those are:

  • Content Analysis
  • Policies
  • Proxy blocking
  • Search filtering
  • Malware protection
  • Daily reporting

Wi-Fi Access Control for Guest Networks

This also comes under web content protection. You can customize and control accessibility of guest networks connected through your system. We offer you our service for an easy to manage and secure guest access.

You can actually create your own user experience by limiting and granting access to the people you choose. Our team of experts will also help you set up a monitoring system and optimize bandwidth for guest networks that you can regulate.

Security and filtering on the internet is integral these days. We provide you with an efficient system that secures your data and filters inappropriate web content.

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