Providing excellent proactive management of Macs, PCs and and all kind of systems to avoid technology issues

Our goal is to provide all our customers with a comprehensive and proactive maintenance program for their computers. This program contains certain processes which ensure that your Macs and PCs are being proactively maintained. Proactive Maintenance will help you avoid technology issues and ensure a high productivity level.

We provide proactive maintenance for Macs, PCs and other systems as well. In addition to that, we also work with mobile devices and OS systems like Android and Windows. If you are wondering why you need proactive maintenance for your Mac or any other PC, here is the answer;

While Apple’ system does not require much upkeep, you still need to run regular system upgrades, archive your files, ensure proper security and keep your system clean.

Here is where our proactive maintenance process comes into use. It will:

  • Perform regular update checks and install system upgrades
  • Ensure an off-site and on-site backup for all your data
  • Regularly back up everything
  • Organize and archive all your files
  • Protect against cyber threats
  • Repair damage to software

Our proactive maintenance plan can be availed at a monthly or annual basis. The rates are reasonable and services offered are numerous. These proactive monitoring plans include real time virus protection, daily firewall checks, removal of unwanted programs, updates and weekly system cleanups. Apple users can also benefit from cloud backups.

All you have to do is sign up for a proactive maintenance plan and we will set you accordingly. The process is easy, effective and affordable.

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